Raw after the Super Show Down was quite fantastic. Raw was introduced by Triple H and Shawn Michaels. Both have now challenged Undertaker and Ken. That is, the return of DX is now fixed. Apart from this, many matches were here. There was a big flip on the Ronda Rauzi here. Nicky Bella and Brie Bella attacked him.

Lita and Trish also made a tremendous return to Alexa and Mickey James. The most special was Kurt Angle's return. The main event was also quite spectacular for this show. As always, suspension came as usual. Shield was defeated but Dean Ambrose went without saying anything. After that the show is over. These shows have been great in many ways. This is a great show after Super Show Down.

Let's look at all the segments and highlights of RAW-

# Return of Shawn Michaels and challenge Ken and Taker