All thanks to the host of the freaky Friday contest @pete, he has been running this helpful event for quite some time now to breed newbies on scorum. On his side are counts of judges and sponsors I'll love to appreciate immensely. However hit the link to feed your eyes with the glorious event. - Kimberly when furious.

It wasn't long after I arrived to the day after forever, I decided to pick up a job. Kimberly has been on my neck for long concerning my jobless nature. She had even threatened to beat me up on several occasions if I don't get a job ASAP. I'll always laugh at her words out saying to myself, she's only a woman and her threats are mere bluffs. One faithful evening, I called to tell her that I just secured a job in the WWE. On my arrival home, she welcomed me graciously and that was a perfect moment for us. As we celebrated, I received a call from the WWE management stating that my debut match would be against an anonymous fighter and its a dancing show off come Friday. Any one who dances better wins the match and if I fail to dance, I'll loose my job. I wasn't bothered at all for I knew I was a good dancer. Kimberly herself taught me some moves prior to the match.


I danced out my locker room and headed for the ring, wearing my robe so as not to disclose my dancing kit yet. As I marched to the ring, the following ensued;

REFEREE; Hey yo, dumb fat ass RING WARMER, ain't you supposed to be putting on your dancing attire?

ME; Who you calling a fat ass? You Zebra stripped piece of sh*t with a buffalo's dumbo brain. I guess you from zebrawood, aye?!

REFEREE; How you expect me to be a zebra and have buffalo's brain?

ME; Of course, you're a ZEB-FFALO while I'm the brainiac here present. So why don't you pedal yourself backward before I shove those hands of yours into your ass straight to your intestine.

REFEREE; you ain't..... no.....(music interrupts).

Here comes my anonymous challenger but all I could see was something close to the ground. Argh!!!😱, did I just see a pygmy, I mean a miniature 😭. Well I kept my cool knowing fully well that I wasn't involved in any sort of Scandinavian folklore. He must be the personal ring announcer to my opponent, I said to myself in consolation. As he climbed the ring and came in from beneath the third rope, I couldn't bear it any more as I burst into laughter😂😂😂. As I await the midget dude to announce in his client/boss, I decided to get ready for the dance show off. I untangled my robe about to show off my dancing attire when the little man interrupted with the Mic. I turned in disgust and hushed him. Then I continued, as my robe went down, there was quietness in the arena. One could even hear the sound of a feather fall to the ground. All of a sudden, it started raining rigorous laughter from all angles and dimensions. I was enthralled by the sudden reaction of the spectators and as I turned to the ring announcer in awe, he was rolling on the floor in deep laughter. Then he spoke up to me and said; "I am not a ring announcer but your challenger and it was no longer a dance challenge but a pin fall match, so I wonder why you are dressed in a G-string with flowers on your nipples". Argh😱😭!!!, i felt darned as those words gushed out of his mouth, my head began to sway 360°. I looked awful at that moment with my G-string on and the flowers on my nipples. ITS ALL OVER! I screamed as I ran down the hallway with my palms on my face, falling couple of times to the ground. I knew I'm into a hell in a cell battle with Kimberly at home.

Image source - Mike kalasnik


I arrived home to see Kimberly waiting at the sitting room so furious. I knew she must have heard or watched me live on TV loose my just gotten job.

KIMBERLY; Babe, what happened? How was the fight? why are you home this early?

ME; Arrggggghhhh!!! So many questions at a time, I whispered to my self.

KIMBERLY; Stanley, will you talk to me (she sounded commanding) as well as holding my T-shirt.

ME; Did she just call me by my first name, I asked myself. (it was then I knew I was done for). In fright I replied to her, I...I...I...lo..lost...m...

KIMBERLY; You lost whaaaaaaaaat??? she asked, this time profusely furious.

ME; Th.... the, "I stammered".

At that point in time, everywhere and everything went dark. I woke up the next day in the hospital and all I could remember was a thunderous punch from Kimberly the day before. Then I remembered those early words of hers were no braggadocio. Still on the hospital bed, I turned just to see her standing beside me like Hestia. I made my decision to lay down and faint in peace before she calls heaven for my sake.

Following my last encounter on freaky Friday, I then realized after some time that I've really gotten my self into some kinda mess. The picture below will definitely explain better. Lol. That was my fate.

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