The first of it kind as the WWE universe has proven tough to stand the test of time. Not just in soccer, The WWE has also hosted its first ever world cup Tournament (Crown jewel), which took place on the 2nd of November, 2018 at the king Saud university stadium in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Before the event went through, controversial issues aroused in critical matters, following the death of Jamal Khashoggi(a Saudi dissident and journalist for The Washington Post) on the 2nd of October 2018.His demise took place at Saudi consulate in Istanbul, Turkey. John Cena who was scheduled to be part of the event legitimately refused to participate due to the controversy surrounding the event. Haha, life's too short to be cut short, he must have thought. The First ever women pay per view, The Evolution could have been scheduled to hold in Saudi Arabia but the suppression of women's right present countered the idea. Female performers are restricted in Saudi Arabia. Blessings to them for lifting the embargo on women driving. I believe its a stepping stone to them accepting equality amongst both sex.

However, the crown jewel event greased its spectators with a pre show match between Shinsuke Nakamura and Rusev. Nakamura defended his WWE United States Championship against Rusev. In the climax, Nakamura retained his title after putting on the Kinshasa on Rusev.


This matches led to the world cup final where the winner will lift the trophy in declaration of been the best in the world. Who really switched on the stereo? we'll soon figure out. Two WWE brands(RAW & SMACKDOWN) produced 4 athletes each making a total of 8-man single elimination match to determine the best in the world. However, each player faces another player from his marque until only one player remains to battle with the other brand's champion.



Seth Rollins vs Bobby Lashley (Seth Rollins won)

Kurt Angle vs Dolph Ziggler(Dolph won)


Seth Rollins vs Dolph Ziggler (Dolph won)


Rey Mysterio vs Randy Orton(Mysterio won)

Jeff Hardy vs The Miz(The Miz won)


The Miz vs Rey Mysterio (The Mix won)


At this point, it was The Miz for Smackdown and Dolph ziggler for RAW. Both of them advanced to the finals as they'll compete against each other for the "best in the world" trophy. Minutes into the match, The Miz missed his step and got injured. Dolph Ziggler should be declared the winner on forfeit but Shane McMahon refused and decided to replace The Awesome Miz who was ruled unable to continue. Shane McMahon technically won Ziggler to win the trophy after massive battering. Why couldn't Mclntyre save Dolph this time just like always? He was sent out of the rings vicinity to the backstage by the Asian referee. However, Shane switched on the stereo and he is the new and first ever best in the world champion.


Brock Lesnar alongside Paul Hayman had to buy their way through to win the championship against Braun Strowman. Acting General Manager, Baron Corbin who came out to present the title to the winner attacked Strowman from behind, smashing the title to his head before the match began. With this effect, Lesnar took on his opponent easily with five straight F-5's to win the title.


AJ styles with his phenomenal forearm, knocked down Somoa Joe who was his Challenger. He wouldn't want to risk loosing his belt to Joe who has insulted him and his family on various occasions. AJ styles still remains the WWE champ.


This was the classic match every spectator was eager to see. It featured the return of Shawn Michael since 2010. In the main event game, D-Generation-X (Shawn Michael and Triple H) defeated The Brothers Of Destruction (Undertaker and Kane). The match was a battle of the old hags. Well it was a good thing for D-Generation-X that they weren't sent to Rest In Peace. Although Triple H was legitimately injured in the game, suffering a torn pectoral muscle.

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