No really. There were so many spots and exchanges that made me slap my hands over my head like OMG. How did he do that?!

It felt like poetry in motion.


During a pay-per-view or regular show, there's a basic structure.

You have opening/kickoff matches. Which is saved for newcomers or bottom of the pole wrestlers. And in no particular order, you have grudge matches that push a storyline the "mid-cards", this can be tag teams and tag team title matches or even middle card title matches. By design, the mid cards build up hype and aren't supposed to be better than the main event later in the evening. Which is usually for the more prestigious championship.

Translation. They overperformed and stole the show from their spot on the card in my humble but right opinion.

This kick wasn't even the best move in the match.

This was.

Will come back tomorrow for a more in-depth review of the NXT Takeover pay per view and why I felt this match stole the show.  I HATE doing posts that are this short and not my longer ones but I made a promise that'd I would slowly fill the WWE section with good content over Indian copy and paste.

You know this is much better and more fun to read.

Keep scoring!