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The names of all 8 racers came out for the World Cup in WWE Crown Jewel
WWE made two qualifying matches at SmackDown for the crown Jewel pay-per-view. After these matches, names of all 8 racers who have now participated in the World Cup have come up. 4/4 Superstars of SmackDown and RAW in the World Cup Names have been released from Raw by John Cena, Kurt Angle, Dolph Jigger and Seth Rollins, while Jeff Hardy, Randy Orton, Rey Mysterio, The Miz will represent the SmackDown brand. WWE Raw and SmackDown Live's superstars who will take part in the Crown Jewel World Cup and how they make a place in the World Cup. John Cena: Cena was given Direct Entry in the World Cup by WWE Kurt Angle: Eliminated Baron Corbin in the Battle Royal match and qualify for the match. Seth Rollins: This Week won the win by defeating Dr McIntyre in Raw. Dolph Jigler: Defeat Dean Ambrose in the qualifying match and secure his place in the World Cup. Jeff Hardy: Samoa, who had a match with Jeff Hardy in SmackDown's World Cup Qualifying match. Jeff won the qualification here. Randy Orton: The Wiper defeats Big Show at SmackDown Live, making the World Cup a place. The Miz: The Miz defeats Racev by taking advantage of the interference made by Eden English. Rey Mysterio: Master of 619 defeated Shinsky Nakamura and filled the last spot lying vacant for the World Cup. Crown Jewel PPV will be organized by WWE on 2 November. The event was first booked for Saudi Arabia, but the WWE is still not completely convinced of Venue due to the poor relations between the United States and Saudi Arabia. The event has been delayed for more than two weeks. Soon you will know where this event will be. Over the past few years, the career of many WWE wrestlers is almost over. Everyone has their own reasons for being out of WWE. Some could not get enough fame, even after so many good runs in some WWE, they would have lost their place. In this article, we are going to tell you about some of the same wrestlers who should meet the second chance. If you want to keep your opinion on this too, then take an extended part and keep your opinion in the comment section. Staying one of the wwe wrestling festivals, have been the victims of WWE's wrong strategies in the last round of his career. Due to this he had to take a sane decision. The relationship with CM Punk's WWE officials is never good. But CM Punk has become a brand in its own right. Millions of fans in the world still want their return. But due to these poor relations, now CM Punk himself has said that he is no longer interested in WWE. But do the company executives do not have to discuss this in this regard.

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