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The Series of Great Wrestling...(3)
The Deadman" Undertaker": For over two decades, Undertaker has appeared in the WWE to make him a true legend. He is the wrestler who terrorizes everyone he encounters. He has extraordinary abilities that no one else has. The dead man is always named alone and can not be compared to any other myth of WWE legends .. history will not be complete without him. In "Survivor Series" in 1990 .. The "phenomenon" as called Undertaker, led by Teddy Biasi "Million Dollar Man" in his team, which defeated Hulk Hogan in a surprise did not believe many and so ascends The Undertaker quickly to the top of the pyramid in the WWE after defeating the most important wrestler in it Her time is Hogan. After that, the Undertaker began to take control of all those who faced him. There is no one wrestler who has been able to eliminate Undertaker throughout his long history. He has won several titles for the WWE and the World Cup. He won the title of doubles 6 times and won the 2007 Royal Rumble. He made it engraved with letters of gold named in the hearts and minds of fans of the WWE and everyone who faced him, especially those who encountered him in the first humiliations of Hell in 1997, and he continued to bury or bury alive in 1996, unlike his well-known passions to throw his opponents into a huge coffin 1992. One of Undertaker's greatest achievements has been to keep his unbeaten record for twenty-one years before being defeated by Brock Lesnar in WrestleMania 30, Roman Reigns in WrestleMania 33, but this will not make us forget that he achieved what he did not achieve before.

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