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The Dean Ambrose Heel Turn Was Badly Timed
As seen on this past Monday's episode of WWE RAW, after several weeks of anticipation, Shield member Dean Ambrose turned heel on partner Seth Rollins just seconds after they defeated Drew McIntyre and Dolph Ziggler for the WWE RAW Tag Team Championships. And while many fans have been waiting literately years to see the Lunatic Fringe make the turn, I think WWE chose for it to happen on the worst possible night, and that is simply because of Roman Reigns. As everyone should now know, the now former WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns shockingly and sadly announced that his returning Leukemia has forced him to relinquish the Universal title and take time away from WWE to be with his family while he once again returns to fight the horrible disease. After an emotional speech that very quickly turned boo's into loud echoing chants of ''Thank You Roman'', his Shield brothers Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins joined him on stage for a heart wrenching embrace. ​ Brotherly loving embrace ​ Now their is no doubt in my mind that Dean Ambrose is capable of becoming probably the best heel in all of WWE. Dean Ambrose is one of those few superstars that can be given any kind of role and he will knock it right out of the park, and I expect nothing less of his new heel persona. However, I fell like this turn came at the worst possible time. The Shield's Tag Team Championship win should have been a moment in honor of Roman Reigns. A way to end the night on a high as Roman's friends pay their respects to him as he gets ready for his fight as they hold their Tag Team titles up high. I honestly think what would have worked out better is if Dean and Seth had their moment to honor Roman, and then defend the Tag Team Championships against all comers for a few weeks, and then, it didn't need to be too long, even just a month, but then have Ambrose make his shocking heel turn. No one then, just like now, would have seen it coming and it would have had pretty much the same impact as it had on RAW. The Shield would have had this touching heartfelt moment, and the later heel turn would have still worked on a great level, and everyone would have won.
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