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Roman Reigns Relinquishes WWE Title Due To Illness
During the opening segment of Monday Night Raw, WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns Addressed the crowd about his battle with Leukemia. Going out of character and telling the audience that his real name is Joe and he's been battling the illness for 11 years. Due to his condition, he said he's going to return home and focus on his family and getting better. He made it clear that his speech was not a retirement speech and he is going to beat leukemia and come back home. As the segment ended, he was greeted on the ramp with his fellow Shield members, Seth Rollins, and Dean Ambrose, who couldn't hold back their tears following the news. The rest of the show, the support for Reigns poured all over the arena as for the first time in two years everyone was cheering for him along with the chants "Thank you Roman" and "Leukemia sucks." Fellow stars who had a vendetta including Paul Heyman admired the superstar's courage for his sacrifice to the company. Braun Strowman also acknowledged Reigns saying "I know we've had our differences in the past, but when Roman Reigns beats Leukemia, he's first in line for a title shot." This is in response to the universal championship now being between Strowman and Brock Lesner now that Reigns had to drop out of the triple threat match. What started as an emotional night ended on a brighter note with Ambrose and Rollins winning the tag team titles from Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre thanks to the interference of Strowman. How This Changes Things? A Real Babyface When he returns, he will actually be the babyface that the WWE wanted him to be for the past two years. Not because of the story, but the crowd reacts more to the wrestler's personal life than their in-ring persona. Maybe with his return, he will have a new look and new theme. A More Entertaining Shield When he gets better and ready to return to the ring, it won't be on TV. He will make a return to the ring in a high-level Pay-Per-View Like Royal Rumble or Wrestlemania. Reigns, along with Rollins and Ambrose, will put whoever is on top at the time through the announcement table. This is hard to predict because there's no time frame on how long he will be out of action. But the return will definitely be something to look forward to. We here at Scorum wish Reigns a speedy recovery. Follow Jeramie Lee on Twitter @JeramieLee87.

WWE RAW vs Smackdown Review: Great Comeback for Batista.
I know I kind of missed Batista, not Bootista. Alright, I will come to that part but first, let's talk about what happened on this week RAW and Smackdown 1000 episodes. For me, RAW was kind of very usual with not many elements of surprises. The tempo for the show was linear. Most of the show revolves around the animosity between two stables which are The Shield and The Dogs of War (consists of Braun Strauman, Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre for those who don’t know). The crack in both teams is a pleasure to watch with Dean Ambrose and Braun Strauman that is seen as the root of the problem for both teams. For Smackdown special 1000 episodes, it does not focus much on any rivalry, but it was more like walking down the memory lane with a blast from the past. We had the cornerstones of Smackdown for the past decades especially during Ruthless Aggression Era to appear notably Stephanie Mcmahon, Rey Mysterio, Batista, The Edge and The Undertaker which the screw up big time for the deadman. The show was very exciting in the beginning until towards the Evolution Reunion which is surprising as they were RAW legendary stable but I guess it’s more towards creating a rivalry between HHH and Batista. I was expecting The Rock, the founding father of Smackdown to make an appearance as the word ‘Smackdown’ itself originated from his promo but it did not happen. You can watch my video below for the Full recap of this week WWE show. https://d.tube/#!/v/asyrafahamed/e0s56zro

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