"Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim"

I am walking with Bidhata. I am talking in her tune. This world is for everyone and blessed is the one who is born. As Ansu Fati considers herself blessed to be born as a human being, everyone knows her as a beggar's son, but the world is shaking. Advertising agencies are lining up to get him. Who is the luckiest footballer in the world after the departure of Lionel Messi? Behind all success is the story of despair as well as the light behind Aadhaar. They were born in Guinea-Bissau, a poor country in Africa. Due to the financial hardship of the family, the father has begged in the streets. Once upon a time he came to town and worked as a driver. Giving food to the family members. Ansu Fati, who grew up slowly fighting poverty, knows the hunger of her stomach, but her family always relied on Allah Almighty because she is the breadwinner and no matter how much grief comes, it will be dirty. Dir becomes light but for that he has to rely on God. Ansu Fati meditation-knowledge was all over.

Donated the unique talent of being. Fati joined the Lamasia academy in Barcelona in 2012 when she was just 10 years old. The footballer's father once told the media that Real Madrid had offered a very good deal after watching the Versace but Bar্সa went to our house and we also promised them before that it is not the job of a Muslim not to talk. From the time he was playing in the Barcelona academy, he dreamed of playing in the main team and praying to Allah Almighty or he used to pray in verse 60 of Surah Mumin. He was only 16 years and 304 days old when he scored for Barcelona, ​​making him the youngest goal scorer in the history of Barcelona. The star has always proved himself on the field even though the injury has taken away a lot of time from his life. Recently, Ansu Fati said, "I prayed to Allah during the time of injury and only asked for help. I wished well for my family. We are Muslims. We believe in Allah. Hard work."

And with God's help, everything is possible. Ansu Fati knows that nothing is eternal in life so he never wants to forget his past. He wants to keep his feet on the ground. He wants to be friends with the earth because the sky has no limits.