Last season has been a dream come true brazil and liverpool goalie allison baker. In addition to the champions league and copa america titles he received the premier league's best goalkeeper award. But allison baker had to be sidelined with an injury in the first game of the season Last session runner-up liverpool won 4-1 in league opener on friday. Brazilian goalkeeper alison baker leaves the field with a muscles injury in the 39th minute of the match. Liverpool will face chelse in the UEFA super cup next wednesday. Allison said that he would not be able to play in this match. The muscles injury must keep him out of the field for a few days. It is not yet certain when he will return. However it will be said that he will not be able to play in wednesday match against Chelse. But he hasn't had much injury in his career so now he has to wait a bit to see how he improves. But hes not staying the next few weeks. In the match against norwich allison replaced spanish goalkeeper adrian. Liverpool take him from westham this summer.