Manchester city will face westham united today in their first match of the english premier league. David silva has been named captain of the team before the league began. This is the last season of silver in manchester. David silva was the highest voter in the team for the captain election. vincent kompany the former captain left the club at the end of last season. As a result the post of captain was vacant for so long. Silva served as captain in most pre-season games before the season began. He was also the captain of the FA community shield win for the second time after beating liverpool in a tiebreaker last sunday. As a result, the city's coaching staff has verified his qualification as captain. The captain has been elected by vote before the main battle of the league begins. David silva has played 284 games in 10 seasons for manchester city. David silva scored 54 goals for manchester city this time. Silva has won four premier league titles two FA cups and four league cup titles for the club at etihad stadium.