Cristiano Ronaldo going to Juventus Argentine superstar paulo dybala is missing. Tottenham have offered Juventus 70 million euros to replace paulo dybala. One of Tottenham's proposals and the likes of Juventus. Now it's just a matter of looking at what the contract type will look like. How many years will tottenham take on paulo dybala, How much will you pay paulo dybala will travel to tottenham when all of these are negotiated. Paulo dybala arrived in Juventus in 2015 great performance and became one of Juventus' title makers, but last season he scored only 10 goals and in his previous two seasons he had 26 goals and 19 goals. Juventus hope Ronaldo paulo dybala's performance is believed to have been bad. Paulo dybala was responsible for Juventus' goals earlier but after ronaldo arrived, it was ronaldo responsibility to score goals. So Juventus now want to release paulo dybala. Earlier, man u showed interest in taking paulo dybala but paulo dybala is one of the premier league best players, so he did not agree to man u. Then tottenham showed interest in taking paulo dybala to the squad. Tottenham made a great gift last season tottenham are struggling to win the premier league title. Played in the champions league final but could not win the title. This time tottenham wants to spend some money. They think paulo dybala will actually be a lot harder for them.