Germany became impoverished by world champions Germany defeated Germany 2-1 in the UEFA Nation League relegation match Round two goals for world champions, including Antony Grizman. And Tony Cruz scored the goal for Germany.On Tuesday night, Germany's dream was in Paris. Joachim Lo's team is not good at this year. Germany's nightmare continued in the first round of the World Cup in Russia. After the previous match on Saturday in the Netherlands, after digging 0-3, the world champions had to digest their rates.France stumbled last week World champions draw with Iceland for a friendly match But the victory against Germany will boost the confidence of the Grimmmen France made a change in the final of the World Cup final Instead of injured Samuel Ummetti, the team entered the camp.On the other hand, the German coach made five changes in the team after the defeat against Dutch in the previous match. But Germany did not even lose the rate Germany go ahead in thirteen minutes against French Tony Crowe took Germany ahead of penalty kick

France scored the equalizer in the 62nd minute. On the left side, Lukas Ernandez crosses Manuel Neuer to the top of the cross, Grisman defeats. Then, in the 80th minute, Piscina scored the penalty goal. The penalty for the penultimate country is 26.