Afsoshi's name is Jafar Iqbal In the international youth football, this winger has a great impression, irregularly playing the national team. But there is very little chance of playing in domestic football.Saif has been dropped as a replacement for the jersey of the Sporting. But just three minutes to prove yourself. Goal reached 66 minutes in 66 minutes. Finally, in the first match of his 3-1 win against BJMC, Saif has left the field. The Korean forward Sewangil Park and Dennis Balkarov scored two other goals in the winning team. Two goals are from spot kick.Saif went ahead in the penalty shoot-out by penalty corner in four minutes. Saengal Park, BJMC's centerbuck in Uzbekistan, Furakat John fouls when the penalty gets Saif From there, Park scored itself.But the team could not keep the lead long enough. Eight minutes later, Abdullah Mamun returned to equalize. BJMC Uzbekistan's forward hooks hit the net to get a free kick from the otobec, 1-1. BJMC back in the field without any coach Midfielder Mamun with forward otabakera compromise was excellent,But in the second half BJMC could not find anymore. On the one hand there is no coach in the state-owned party. On the other hand, UEFA Pro-licensed coach Stuart Hall, on Saif's departure, At any time, no weapon will be used, 59 year old Juan is better than English coach and some people know!Zaheer Khan sent winger Jabed Khan to the field and sent him to the field. Within three minutes, Zaheer scored the 1-1 scoreline in 2-1. From the left side, Yasin Arafat's cross could also find Jonathan Cordova or Denis Balsharkov. But cross over Jafar's legs. After hearing that they were caught in the trap with the control. It may be a bit of a reminder that national coach Jamie Dere is not seen to be the goal scorer. Russian striker Denis, who scored 3-1 on penalties in the last minute,