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Is no more a news that Eden Hazard I set for Real Madrid but there is another confidence in the camp of Chelsea FC in areas of fund as they hope to receive £130million for Madrid following the fact that Hazard d deal Stamford Bridge still remain 12 months. Their high expectation from Hazard to move to Real Madrid as quick as possible though he's on an international trip and club are just afraid for lose that huge amount of money they woukd have tried to keep him till next season but no one know what next season tell. At the moment Chelsea was able to hold substantial fee of £130million o Hazard. That's huge mehn but the striker worth that value following his engagement and his mode of attack and dribbling.

Hazard is certain to be signed next week after his international trip and will say goodbye to his teammate at Stamford Bridge. The Belgium international claimed that his aim was to play in London (Premier League) and this has been accomplished w great record and taking my leave away from English Premier now is a good one for me. The Belgian is certain to pick No 7 Jersey of Christiano Ronaldo.

I can't wait to see Eden Hazard in Bernabeu. Its going to be great and who knows what future holds for him.

Wish him good luck.