The jersey that Diego Maradona latterly scored two pretensions against England in the 1986 World Cup was put up for transaction by former English footballer Steve Hodge. It vended for 71 lakh 42 thousand 500 pounds at the online transaction. On that day's value which was 6 crore 43 lakh 94 thousand 72 rupees. In the last many days, the price has gone up to Rs 60 crore, but on Sunday it stood at Rs 6 crore 16 lakh again.

Whatever he is, the figure is like raising an eyebrow. Nothing has been vended at such a high price in the history of dealing sports cairn. But Peter Shilton does not mind. The gentleman who stood in England's thing in that notorious match says that he'd not have wiped the dishes with this jersey.


In the 55th nanosecond of the match, Maradona scored the stylish thing in the history of the World Cup. Shilton was also wisecracked into running from midfield by cutting off half of the English platoon. But this goalkeeper is as angry with the thing of 51 twinkles. The birth of the Hand of God moment was when Maradona, who couldn't reach the ball indeed by jumping, sat around with his hand.

Shilton isn't angry about this yet. It's unknown at this time what he'll do after leaving the post. "Whatever happened that day, I would not have changed jerseys with Maradona for all the Chinese tea, "he told The Sun. I would not use this jersey for housework, I would not indeed wipe the bungalow dish with it.'


Shilton claims that if they had known that Hajj had Maradona's jersey, the jersey would not have been auctioned off. In the midst of that excitement of the match, it would have been torn to shreds. I go, Hajj is glad we didn't. He knew what would be if he told us, so he didn't tell us that he'd it. I am sure he is glad we did not find out."

Maradona himself didn't pay attention to the jersey, but his teammates used it, but he's not angry. I am glad an Englishman got commodity out of that match. 'The jersey is believed to have been bought by someone combined with the Abu Dhabi Group, the proprietor of Manchester City.

The jersey isn't in Argentina, Shilton finds satisfaction in that too, 'We smiled the last smile. This is the stylish business a footballer can do. We no way allowed it would bring so much."

Shilton claims that Hodge has been suitable to recoup the cost of cheating himself, saying, "I was the captain that day-it still hurts me, I was just interested in winning the But now that it has been vended at such a high price, it seems that it should have been done. Hajj has been heeded to for so numerous days; How did he come up with the idea of changing the jersey after the fiddle? I am happy for him. He was awarded to all of us. Maradona made a lot of plutocrats against us by cheating.'