Today I'm gonna delve a bit into some super duper deep historical factoids about the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders! I know you've just been waiting with eager anticipation on what I'd write next so wait no longer. One of the standard Dallas looks debuted at the 1976 Superbowl. Boots, super short shorts and knotted/tied fronts were all the rage to do a killer kick. I think it's sassy, sporty and fun. It was met with much fanfare and a few who thought it was just too sexual. Note to everyone, the Male football uniforms are skin tight with plenty of booty and bulges and women love to watch the butt slaps so guess the gender revolution came in all forms. Rah Rah Rah!

Do you like short shorts on cheerleaders? Please tell me what you think dear friends in the comments below!

Make that Pass you Manly super Man with the leather ball! I'll just rock short shorts and make and give miserable beer drinking husbands a reason to get UP in the morning! ( google images/people 70's,wikipedia)

Break out those Vegan Super Bowl snacks and make sure you have some really good Spring Water for the big game! Sportsball for All!

Above is a more modern take by the Washington Redskins. Womyn Power. Cheerleaders make the best wives as they are low maintenance and love you for your wit and not what's in your bank account! The Cheerleader looking down is realizing that they are underpaid for the athletic work which leaves many with some serious injuries and is contemplating a Union.