Well Hello There... clearly things are rather especially wonky in U.S.A. at the moment and many players are Covid positive. It's hit every level from junior leagues to all the main big 3 sports here, Football, Basketball and Baseball. Of course some may think the 3 biggest sports are different but those are kinda the culture here. Before Covid a ton of European Football was Pay Per View and the local "pubs" would do themed days around those games and were the few places to get British or Irish food and a decent Black and Tan pint. Fish and Chips in actual newspaper wrapping is the only way to even bother going to one of these places or it cheapens the experience. :P

Soccer/Football and Guiness or Bass or both? Pixabay

Even Twitter and some other platforms are talking about Arsenal and Netflix or Prime or both are highlighting European games since American's can't be bothered to wash their hands or wear a mask. :) I think this is GREAT! I don't expect a ton of Americans to really get into it but a lot will which means perhaps some will start to expand their horizons which helps expand fan base which equals............MONEY!!!!!!!!!

As always I love civil interaction and discourse in the comments section and love to give out upvotes because paying it forward is free. Till next time am keeping my finger on the pulse of shifting trends because it can be a major GAME changer indeed.

It's fascinating to see such depressing news of all these American teams just benched out and sick vs. seeing European Premier League action literally popping up everywhere and being included free into a lot of mainstream culture. Bye for Now!