Dunk In Ft Lauderdale Florida On An Outside Court

Kind of sounds silly but one kid that went to my high school said why dunk when it is only worth two points when I can shoot from beyond the arch and that is worth three points? I said, "That is exactly what someone would say if they CAN'T dunk and have given up on the dream!"

EVERYONE who has ever played basketball has wanted to dunk. I was literally obsessed with it and to this day I use it as a gauge for if I'm old. If I can still dunk then I'm not old. So I better keep dunking!

Here is my most recent dunk after not being on the hard wood all summer!


That one was a toss up and dunk off the bounce. It is technically tougher in the fact that you have to time it but is easier in that you don't have to carry the ball up.

Here is a dunk from a year ago at LA Fitness!

TWO Years Ago With The Double Confirmation!

Can I Only Dunk On Certain Rims? NO.... I Try To Dunk On Every RIM!

Dunking At The NW YMCA in Tucson

Can I Only Dunk? Nahhhh.... I Can Play Too.

Here is a 1v1 game against my friend Spencer. He is 6'3" and I'm only 6' and he played basketball in college so he is no scrub. He didn't expect me to hit some of the 3's that I did.

Dunking and Basketball is like crypto. Have I sold any of my EOS that I started accumulating back in 2017???? NO ...... I keep stacking knowing we will go hockey stick parabolic and a life of absolute freedom awaits!

It would be easier to stop trying to dunk and it would be easier to just sell my EOS and stop riding the roller coaster. I rode it up to 22 and then back down to $1.75 and then back up to $8 and then now back down to $3.50. Some days it isn't fun but you have to be tough. Otherwise you just end up old telling some would have could have BS story.