The United States, who is looking forward to their third consecutive World Cup, defeated Czech Republic and won their first victory in Group E.

The United States won the first match in the FIBA ​​China Basketball World Cup Group E.

USA won against Czech Republic (88-67) at the Oriental Sports Center in Shanghai, China. The match was the first face-to-face match between the two national teams at the FIBA ​​competition.

In the United States, as expected, Kemba Walker, Donovan Mitchell, Jason Tatum, Harrison Barnes and Miles Turner took the lead.

Before the tournament, the NBA's representative stars declared their absence, and they were rated as the weakest member of the national team of NBA players.

The assessment was very slow, but the United States was still America.

Mitchell was active with 16 points and 2 assists to lead the US attack, while Barnes and Walker added 14 points and 13 points, respectively, to win the game.

The first quarter of the flow was tense and the Czech Republic showed off a lot of power. Walker and Tatum allowed consecutive score, but Satoransky and Hruban scored 11-9. The U.S. did not have a good outing, with five three-point shots in the first quarter.

Derrick White and Joe Harris broke their breath, scoring a series of goals from the bottom.

The US, which finished 17th in the lead with 17-14, made an offensive in the second quarter. Brown and White scored a series of layups, and Turner also added strength underneath.

In the mid-second quarter, the United States widened the gap (30-18) with a three-point shot by Tatum and Mitchell. The Czechs have made several good chances with the promised moves, but inaccurate shot accuracy has been hampered. In particular, Miles Turner and Brook Lopez struggled to hit. Hruban and Satoransky made 18 score in the first half, but couldn't close the gap and finished the game with 29-43.

The first half was somewhat cluttered. The attack flow was not smooth enough that the team scored four points for more than three minutes. The United States was the first to wake up with turnovers and fouls. Marcus Smart and Mitchell scored 55-38 with a pull-up jump followed by a layup following a breakthrough. The score was up to the quiet Khris Middleton, US leading 66-48.

The fourth quarter also did not change much. Walker and Mitchell opened the gap to 72-52 with two 3-point shots. In particular, a dunk shot following Mitchell's breakthrough in the transition situation four minutes and thirty seconds before, was the highlight of today's game. The United States, which was well-armed, no longer allowed chases and ended the race.

The Czechs have made many good shots through cut-in-play, starting with Satoransky, but they haven't been able to continue their pursuit by overturning 15 turnovers at important moments.

The United States, which has won the first game comfortably, will challenge Turkey and Czech meets Japan.