Hello everyone

After few day pause here we are again.

For today two Erurocup games

First game starts at 18h here in Belgrade in my neighborhood :)

Red Star Belgrade vs Monaco / Team 1 -3.5 / TIP 1

Odds is approximately 1,6

Red star is better team. They took victory in Monako so I don't see reason why they can't do it again at home.

Second game start at 20:45 in Limoges, France

Limoges vs Lokomotiv Kuban / Team 2 -4.5 / TIP 2

Odds is approximately 1,6

Lokomotiv lost last game against CSKA in VTB league. New had coach Vlada Jovanović want just victory. He vas assistant of ex coach Obradović and operation manager for all youth teams in Locomotive.

I made my ticket two days before with same handicap


Have a nice day