Value betting is just another type of bet to make money from sports betting. In this post I'll try to explain what it is, whether it works and how you can get started.


Value bet is simply a bet where an individual thinks that the probability of given outcome is greater than the bookmakers believe. In terms of odds, value bet is a bet where you think the true odds are lower than those provided by the bookmaker.

Let's take an example of football match, If a bookmaker is quoting odds of 1.38 for the home team to win, but you think that the real odds are 1.32 --- it means that you think Home team is more likely to win the match than the bookmaker does | that would be the value bet.


Value betting is a sports betting strategy that revolves around placing value bets. Although there's no way to predict outcomes of every sports events with 100% accuracy but by placing series of value bets should statistically results in profit. This profit comes from the difference between the true odds of the outcome (according to you) and the odds offered by the bookmaker.


Well all bettors share one thing in common : they want the profit !! The answer of the question is definitely yes! You can make money with value betting. But wait, is it that easy, definitely not ! As you get experience in sports betting and start to spot the value bets then sure you're the king ! While learning the value betting at first few bets might be unsuccessful, but the more value bets you place (actual value bets 🤪) the more likely you make profit through the value betting.

Challenges of Value Betting

Value betting has it's own challenges, first the most important one is spotting the value bets require skills and definitely the experience of sports betting. And another one is that there's issue of bankroll management, which is how to manage you're still in the race i.e you've enough money to continue betting, even if one of your bets is incorrect.

I'll share how to tackle some of these challenges in future posts.

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