What shall we play today at BetScorum? Let’s see the offer. Nothing? OK, Betman is now going to put off his dark glasses and see… Nothing! There is nothing to bet at betting exchange!

So, we are left without the choice but to hunt bugs all over BetScorum again.

Not that bugs, you guys, sorry to shutter your hopes. These are computer bugs again. The development team is trying to exterminate them, but it doesn’t go so well so far. For example, there was a repeating bug with the game time…

Now that bug is exterminated. How? Really simple. We don’t have time any more! Have to admire to elegance of developers thinking.

However, there is one more recurring bug which is not so easy to exterminate. There are situations where you accept the bet with the full amount offered, but the offer still stays in a field at the match page, like in this case of live betting yesterday, when England brexited from the League of Nations with the little help of Netherlands:

That 3.120 SCR amount is taken, and you probably have some extremely small amount that begins with fourth decimal. The only option available is to take next offer, which is 2.612 SCR, but…

at the same time, on the front page with all the offers, you don’t see anything! No time, no offer, and certainly not the info about the game extension(s)! That empty slot with former 3.120 SCR is actually preventing the only offer to be seen.

If Timon and Pumbaa could feed on those bugs, they could retire as Disney actors and live like developers! Sorry, I meant, Lion kings!

SCR at $0.015… Hakuna matata!