Betman has set several odds at BetScorum just because he could no longer look into the void. It’s a really sad sight of the beautiful, but dead idea…

Sorry girls, this is going to be an extended holiday season, more horrific than Andre Gomes’ injury. But Betman has good news for you: You can scream as much as you want! Yes, that’s a professional sport. You also can swear. You can throw some usual sports racisms, so much loved on the stadiums all over Europe. You may also file a complaint that Betman doesn’t give good enough odds…

…but then search for the alternative. I dare you to find anything at BetScorum. It’s a haunted house! Or, dare to accept Betman’s odds!

18:55 CET: FC Barcelona vs. SK Slavia Prague
18:55 CET: FC Zenit St Petersburg vs. RB Leipzig
20:00 CET: Chelsea FC vs. Ajax Amsterdam
21:00 CET: Liverpool FC vs. KRC Genk
21:00 CET: SSC Napoli vs. FC Salzburg
21:00 CET: Borussia Dortmund vs. Inter Milan
21:00 CET: Olympique Lyon vs. Benfica Lisbon
21:00 CET: Valencia CF vs. Lille OSC

With this level of maintenance, it is a true miracle that SCR ih still holding around $0.005

Trick or Threat!