This is a sad story with a happy ending.

It tells about a casual dice player and about his adventures on Epicdice*.

This casual player is used to play with a 50% change or thereabout. He starts with the minimum bid and doubles it until he wins. Pure black and white system.

Months ago this player had a long streak of bad luck. Nine losses in a row. Like this.

He lost all the liquid Steem and couldn't play further to cover the loss.

Today he gathered enough liquid Steem for a streak of doubling up the bets when necessary. The ultimate goal was to cover the loss and come even.

Did he succeed?

Bets / transactions to Epicdice*

During this he also learned that the maximum bet is 50 Steem.

Outcomes / transactions from Epicdice*

Yes, the loss was covered!

Final result

Transactions to

Transactions from

Grand total

From March the 10th, 2019 onward until today the cumulative score is:

Steem: +0.341
SBD: +8.217

The SBD saldo is there from the times when SBD betting on Epicdice* was possible.

The player was relieved that his bigger than usual betting paid out as planned.

All is well what ends well.

What about your experience with Epicdice* or any other dice game website? Do you wish to share it with us?

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Better and better