I wanted to make this post as a future reference as I have decided to begin using the platform for larger wagers. I also want this to help people consider using the platform more and also consider how they may bet at Betscorum.

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My numbers

Although small they are a good starting point to reflect and analyse because they will be the reflection point to larger staking and also reference to my betting style which I will explain later.

Total SCR staked 712.76

Total Losses 59 Total losses (SCR) - 344.29

Total wins 37 Total wins (SCR) + 416.47

Max loss stake: 30SCR

Max win stake: 40SCR

Total Profit (SCR) +72.18

10.13% return over 96 bets even with the margin of losses being 59.46% higher.

My betting style

My structure is very simple but also very effective. I'm sure everybody has heard of the "Martin Gale technique" one that doesn't really work in many contexts of gambling however football/soccer is one that has work for me for a very long time.

So the initial principle to double your stake every time you lose (based on evens 1/1 odds).

So stake 5 = lose stake 10 = lose stake 20 = win = +40 - previous two losses and initial stake = +5

How you can leverage this in football is in marginal differences and wagering adjustments to reduce you potential downturns. Also the research in the game can help you weigh up the risk factor. For me the interesting point was can I really get 10+ evens picks to lose in a row before I have cashed out 100% ontop of my bankroll? If you ever did lose 10 individual winners in a row then you didn't research correctly or your insanely unlucky.

So I frequently use the "Martin Gale Technique" but within context to the betting odds of a match etc. Like for instance yesterday PSG were 2.2/1 vs Manchester United, I didn't need to wager 100% more from the previous loss because of the value I may increase it by 20% max.

Bankroll management

This is important to remember when it comes to all forms of gambling and betting, one that I have taken from 10+ years of playing poker. With the technique above you should keep your "gambling bankroll" being money or SCR you can afford to lose and only using 2% of that balance on a stake. This doesn't mean you can't broaden your risk/win ratio with staking 2/3 2% bets.

Why use Betscorum?

This is really simple, the odds! See betscorum odds on the left and the UK favourite bookmaker on the right (fig.1).


All odds across the home/draw/away are better at betscorum.com. This isn't just for this 1 match either it is 90%+ of games. This is one of the reason I will try and use this more and more. The only issue I seem to run into is the amount on offer at better odds, looking at fig.1 you can see Real Madrid only has 123 SCR available for the 2.040 odds. 123 SCR being around $6...… hopefully with more users this will rise.

So come join Betscorum.com, get better odds and be social, we can all make more, together. :)