It might not be ok to pump gambling on the Steemit platform but have not seen the like here yet. Must admit I have not looked all that hard. Considered starting a like contest here playing for SCR. I still got lots to learn before doing that. Reason for putting up the post here is because I know most here have Steemit accounts. So maybe you might but a bet down on the game tonight via the link below. Help build the prize pool.

Anyway took my first loss gambling loss like a champ on Thursday night. Not really, originally thought Atlanta got cheated by the refs. Then watched a replay of the game. Philly really turned up the juice in the last 5 minutes of the game to get the win. Atlanta is going to have to take a lesson and play hard from start to finish.

I had bet 1 SBD for the Falcons to win the game. (I know, huge bet) Well ... that didn't happen. Time to chase. So like any sick gambler going to press the next bet to try and get the lost money back.

@Betgames makes it easy to play on the Steemit platform.

I put 2 SBD down on the Rams to win Monday night. I happen to like the Raiders just not for this match up. Looking forward to their Vegas move. The pictures of their new house look amazing. I would put one up here but with all those copyright rules. Don't want the NFL coming after me. You can search it up yourselves.

Seems like everyone is predicting Rams to win. I got to agree. Feels like the Raiders are just going to be out manned. I think the Rams are going to win on offense and defense. They will take an early lead and keep the Raiders on their heels.

Its a tough 1st game for coach Gruden. He might be questioning his decision to walk away from that cushy job calling the games. I will miss his analysis and play breakdowns. Guess its a no brainier for the kind of money he is making.

Just occurred to me that with this post I am putting my mouth where my money is. Thats different than the usual approach. Sure hope my pick wins cause defending the claim is not something I look forward to.

Full disclosure: I do delegate some to @betgames. It's a fixed rate agreement with no influence on wagering there. No commission or anything. Just figured I should put it out there.

Hope everyone enjoys the return of NFL regular season play.