Of course, probably everyone knows that boxing is a kind of sport! In a box, athletes put each other's punches in special gloves, using different techniques, racks, strikes, training methods, etc.

To avoid strikes in boxing - it is impossible, concrete protection simply does not exist. Some strokes have to be stopped by the head. Below are some memories of such "protection".

Povetkin-Klitschko 2013

Povetkin lost only twice and probably no one can reproach him for losing - he lost to the best Vladimir Klitschko and Anthony Joshua (both on the peak of the form).

Joshua-Povetkin 2018

However, Klitschko himself also missed, despite the fact that he was always considered a master of defense.

Klitschko-Brewster 2004

The Klitschko brothers could beat, it was felt by Lenox Lewis, who was also a master of defense

Lennox Lewis vs. Vitali Klitschko 2003

But Lenox could also strike back ...

One of the bloodiest champion battles in heavyweight

But Shannon Briggs stopped his head a lot of strikes.

Briggs vs. Vitali Klitschko 2010.

Unsurpassed defensive master Floyd Mayweather also missed, though skip from Shane Moseley is not at all ashamed ...

Floyd Mayweather vs Shane Mosley 2010

... especially if you return the missed very quickly

Conor McGregor also felt the power of Floyd's blows

Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Conor McGregor 2017

Sergei Kovalev last time misses too much. Maybe it's time to leave ...

I do not know about you, but I do not have enough fights for Miguel Cotto. It was always interesting to watch him.

Miguel Cotto - Yoshihiro Kamegai 2017

And what about the third fight, Golovkin-Alvarez? I would love to look!

Golovkin - Alvarez 2018

And, of course, we are waiting for new fights by Vasily Lomachenko, No. 1 in the ranking of the best boxers in the world, regardless of the weight category. The next with Puerto Rican Jose Pedrazoi is scheduled for December 8 this year.

Lomachenko-Linares 2018

And what kind of boxers, in your opinion, are the masters of defense called "head stop". Write in the comments, really want to know your point of view.

Sorry for the imperfect English