Have you ever been told that there is a repercussion for disobeying your parents or have you ever experienced a negative happening moments or hours after disobeying either of your parents or both? There is every possibility you have experienced it,(that is, if you are the stubborn type like me while younger 😂) but might have not linked it to disobedience.

Some call it superstition but whatever it is, I have learnt to respect my parents and obey their instructions after I was involved in a spar moments after being a bad child. It was not the first time I have been hurt but it was the one time I was hurt badly and made to think of my actions.

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Growing up I wasn't a terrible child but I was clearly disturbed by juvenile delinquency. I was a very stubborn little boy who is very rough in nature but not very tough in actions. As a matter of fact, the place I shone most was at home where I get to show my tiny muscles to my siblings but somehow a weakling away from home because I am really afraid of the bad guys hurting me.

The Freaky Friday Happening

On this very cool, lovely Friday evening, I sat in my room playing video game, I was called upon by mom, I pretended not to have heard it and continued enjoying my game. Mom sent one of my elder sisters to get me downstairs. She knocked for sometime on my door and I ignored knowing fully well why she was on the door. Not long after she pushed the door open and gave me this fierce look with "Mom is calling you downstairs now!" breaking the minute silence and look.

I shrugged and gave out the normal "Oooooooohhhh" chant used by many children to show displeasure down here. I dropped the game pad I was holding and lackadaisically walked downstairs. On getting to Mom's position, she gave me her own share of the fierce look and asked if I didn't hear her chant my name severally, I lied I didn't as my eardrums were covered with the sound of the video game I was playing.

She shook her head lightly and pointed towards the television spot. "There is money close to the table down there, take it, run down the street and get me a can of tomatoes, she said". The expression on my face turned from bad to worse. I felt so angered and began to murmur. I said words like "am I the only child in the house?" "Why am I always the one to go on errands?". All these while I was busy misbehaving and spouting rubbish, Mom kept mute because she knew after all my murmurs and misbehavior, she won't change the messenger.

After my silly acts and display for a while, I reached out for the money and murmured my way out of the house and down the streets. As I walked half way to my destination, by my right was an open snooker house where I saw a classmate of mine standing with some other guys.

That snooker joint is known to be a joint for notorious guys with little or no atom of morality in them. A spirit pushed me to go talk with my classmate and watch the guys play for sometime.

I crossed over to the joint and walked towards my friend. We exchanged handshake and pleasantries while we stood and watched the ongoing game. Suddenly I felt someone hit my head from the back, I quickly turned and followed the direction the hand went and traced it. After looking past two other guys beside me, the trace got to a fellow play mate of ours who is also known as a notorious guy but we limited our playing moments with him to avoid stories that touch.

I touched him from behind playfully too because I assumed he gave me a playful touch. Next thing I saw was Zaro to confront me with several pushes on the chest with one repeated question, "Was I the person that touched you?"

The pushing started getting annoying and I won't deny I became afraid but I managed to summon courage and hit him on the chest back with the words "you think I didn't see you?" To my greatest surprise, he threw a punch at my face and I took some step backwards holding my jaw. As nature would have it, my fears had to be subdued at that point because I have been hurt for no just reason. I ran towards him and threw my own punch and that was when I saw who I was about wrestling with. He expertly dodged my first punch and threw another at my face like a real boxer, like he has been doing that all his life, whereas I was just an amateur who kept throwing his arms in front hoping to hit the target and Zaro dodged them all and kept sending his while his friends around were watching a cinema, cheering for their good friend to punch the hell out of me. The only supporter I had was my foolish friend/classmate who kept shouting if I would allow him punch me that easily.

After collecting few punches, I needed no one to tell me boxing fight for me is a lost battle, I immediately made use of what I am sure I had, strength. While Zora was busy hopping from one length to another and showing off his fists, I anticipated his next punch and immediately it came, I bent over and pulled him from the legs till he landed with a thud on the ground. Amidst tears, I held his neck on the ground and raised my fist to punch him but couldn't until some people passing by came and pulled me off from him and separated us. They asked me where my home is and demanded I walk home immediately. I told them I was sent on an errand and pointed towards the direction and they sent me on my way.

I wiped away the tears on my face, picked up my torn shirt, wore my footwear and continued my journey to the tomatoes land. After I have walked some distance and was close to the store, I heard a voice from behind with the words, "you think it is finished?" I turned to see who it was and before I could, a punch landed on my face, my left eye to be precise and I felt my eye swell immediately that I can no longer clearly see everything around me.

I incepted another cry while awkwardly asking incessantly, "you punched me?" He replied with showing me the under of his arm and how I injured him when I lifted him off the ground and he asked if I expected him to let me go scott free.

I went to and fro for sometime, calculating my next move while crying, with other people's advise I abandoned the errand and left for home crying. While I got home, the same mother I disrespected before leaving took me by the hands to go visit the house of the boy that punched me that bad, the love of a mother is inexplicable. On getting to the house, the mother of the boy complained of how notorious her child has been and she hasn't seen him for days now. We left for home with some apologies and lessons. From that day onwards, I learnt never to disobey my parents or shrug when I am being sent on an errand but I never forgot the humiliation by Zora that day and swore within me to payback.

Thank God it was holidays, I couldn't come out to play with friends for more than a week until the swell and the pain has reduced. After getting back outside, I was on a bike going past Zora's house and he was coming out from the house at that point in time, immediately our eyes met, he gave out a friendly wave and I couldn't help but do the same. It was the beginning of our friendship, although I have left the state where we had our brawl but we remained good friends till my departure because Zora turned a new leaf, whatever happened to him, I don't know but he changed for good and I am happy I never had a reason to revenge.