Some call him deranged, and some call him the best fighter of all time... so just who is Charlie Z and why does every hardcore boxing fan seem to know his name?

If one takes a look at BoxRec, Charlie Z appears as an 0-1 boxer with that loss coming by way of DQ.

I've posted the video of the fight below, and after less than 3 minutes of terrible and completely novice puglisim... Charlie quits.

That should have technically been a knockout or 'retirment', but hey, the fight was so atrocious that it doesn't really matter. I am most shocked at the fact that they had a belt for the fight which pit [0-0] Zelenoff vs. [1-13] Andrew Hartley.

Hartley had actually lost all of his fights coming via KO or TKO but he was able to beat the legendary Charlie Z (which made it all worth it).

This fight was in 2008 and yet Charlie is still a staple in most boxing communities, and A LOT of people had made viral videos in which they challenge and chase this mythic West Coast Champion.

I myself used to live down the block from Charlie which is an absolute coincidence, and although I've never met him personally, I know friends who have and apparently he is the 'real deal'...

...the real deal in terms of not putting on a facade.

Charlie does in fact believe he is the best boxer in the world, and although many have suspected Charlie has much wrong with his thinking pattern, he is just enough of a prick to enjoy watching him pay the price for what he does.

He has been seen on camer sucker punching Floyd Mayweather Sr. when he challenged him to a spar (in which he was getting beat up badly and resorted to dirty tactics).

Charlie also posted negative things about WBC Heavyweight Champion of the World Deontay Wilder's daughter and her disability... so watching Deontay destroy Charlie in a [somewhat] controlled environment was actually not the worst thing in the world to watch.

If you are a boxing fan, you know the walking 'meme' that Charlie has carried himself as for over a decade. He still seems to challenge and completely diss pro fighters.. and I am sure he is still taking beatings for being the way he is.

If you see Charlie, tell him we can go for three rounds, three minutes, all for the Title of Melrose Ave. Champion!