Even if you are sticking it out in the Scorum wasteland.. you can still diversify your crypto and earn some Steem for talking sports.

BitSports is still in development, but the big guys behind this project are trustworthy and have done nothing but succeed in their sports ventures.

Steemsports is a team I've been with for nearly 3 years now and we've only earned on Steemit and brought about real sports talk all the while trending to a real audience.

Come speak you mind on our forums.. and if you have any recommendations for sub-forums on the platform.. feel free to let me know the changes will be implemented immediately.

BitSports has an active community and the guys who built the space are interactive and actually care about growing and creating a prosperous community.

A lot of people here seem to read blogs and support the ideas created here.. but you need to actively share, join, and create to make a difference.

Join BitSports and build your Steemit account.. it will be very worth it when you're able to power down on a platform and make it worth it to your personal life.

You are not obligated to log in with your SteemConnect account, you can also join with Facebook and Google... but you must connect your Steemit account in order to earn.

Don't create a false stigma around Steemit.. it has nothing to do with Scorum.

It is almost August and I am honestly just done stressing myself out with the trials and tribulations of Scorum.. it's more trouble than it's worth.

Join BitSports and be happier with your investment of time.. it's in its infancy but take advantage before they grow into something really special that everyone wants a piece of.