BANDA ACEH - Muaythai Aceh Trainer, Iptu Sandy Titah Nugraha SIK succeeded in winning the second best national ranking on the National Primary School Muaythai Indonesia Trainer in 2107 which was held in Semarang, Central Java, from October 22-25. "Hopefully this achievement will have a positive impact on Pengprov Muaythai Aceh," said Sandy Iptu who is also Head of the Aceh Besardi Regional Police Headquarters, Thursday (10/26).

Sandy explained, in the training that was attended by trainers from 25 provinces throughout Indonesia, Aceh sent two trainers. Iptu Sandy won the second best ranking with a B + score, while the first rank was won by a coach from Central Java. The certificate was signed by the Chairman of the World Muaythai Federation (Mr. Muaythai World Federation), Mr. Pradit Khumngeon and General Chairperson of PB Muaythai Indonesia, Dr Sudirman, SH MH.

The coach of the Muaythai Aceh Regional Office Chief, Syarwan Saleh explained, the achievements of Sandy Iptu added to the names of Aceh Muaythai coaches who met the requirements to handle the national team. "In total there are four coaches who meet the requirements of training the national team," said Syarwan who has handled the Indonesian Muaythai team twice at the world championship.

Pengprov Muaythai Aceh, said Syarwan, currently continues to focus on improving the achievements of both athletes and coaches. In every training and training held by PB Muaythai, Aceh always sends its representatives.

"With the achievements of Sandy Titah Nugraha, we hope that it will be a motivation for the pengprov and pengcab throughout Aceh to improve achievement in every championship, both nationally and internationally," said Syarwan.

ceh Besar (Antaranews Aceh) - Athletes of muaythai martial arts in Aceh Besar Regency are currently being seriously and intensely trained to achieve the target of three gold medals at the Aceh Sports Week (PORA) XIII / 2018.

General Chairperson of the Aceh Besar Muaythai Regency (MI), Maskur in Aceh Besar told reporters Monday that his party had prepared 17 athletes consisting of 10 sons and 7 daughters.

"We are targeting to win three gold medals in the PORA which will be held in Aceh Besar, November 18-25, 2018," said Maskur who is also the Muaythai coach of Aceh Besar.

This martial arts sport from Thailand has become a flagship branch of the host of Aceh Besar to win the overall champion in the multi-yearly four-year sporting events in Aceh.

The reason is that the athletes prepared by the regency have three fighters who have achievements at national and international levels.

Maskur explained, three of the 17 athletes who were prepared had had match and achievement experience at national and international levels, namely Aulia Rahman silver medalist in the 50 - 53 Kg class at the world championship in Thailand 2015. Winning the national championship gold medal in Jakarta 2014.

Furthermore, Abdul Azis won the 2017 National Championship silver medal class 44 - 47 Kg, Idrus Kamal bronze medal 2017 National Championship class 47 - 50 Kg.

"Therefore, we dare to set a target to win three medals and we have a chance to achieve it," said Maskur, who is also a former Acehnese fighter who won a silver medal in the 54-kilogram class at the 2014 World Championships in Thailand.

Apart from that, the Aceh Besar muaythai team tried to win more medals at PORA later.

"In addition to three athletes who have national and international achievements, we hope that other athletes can win medals," he said.

He said, the athletes had been prepared since 2017. "Our athletes train every day, Monday to Saturday at the KONI Aceh Sports Hall. I am in training the athletes also assisted by another coach, Syahrul," he explained.

"The plan is to add five more athletes to be prepared for the PORA, so that later we can take part in all the classes competed at the four-yearly Acehnese Games," he said.

He revealed, to strengthen the ability to compete athletes, will try-out to Medan, North Sumatra after Eid al-Adha.

He added, the obstacles faced at this time were a place of training and lack of tools to practice, because it did not allow further training at the KONI Aceh Sports Hall in Banda Aceh.

"We hope that those responsible for implementing the regional training center (Pelatda) can provide training ground in the Greater Aceh area," he added.

Here are 10 athletes from Muaythai Aceh Besar who were offered to PORA XIII, Abdurrahman, 41 to 44 kilograms, Abdul Azis (44 - 47), Idrus Kamal (47 - 50), Aulia Rahman (50 - 53), Faisal Lukman (53-56 ), Riandi Pradana (56-59), Ghiffari Arif Maulana (59 - 62, 5), Fajar Muharram (62, 5 - 65), Khaidir (65 - 67, 5) and Ramadan (67, 5 - 70).

While seven female athletes were Aida Fitria (38 - 41), Inna Musfira (41 - 44), Intan Baiduri (47 - 50), Putri Nazila (50 - 53), Nurul Pidia (53 - 56), Melda Fitriani (56 - 59) and Rima Magfirah (59 - 62).