Negotiating plans for a prestigious fight between MMA fighters from Russia, Khabib Nurmagomedov and world boxing legend, Floyd Mayweather Jr. continues.

Previously, it was reported that an agreement had emerged that the two would fight in the boxing ring. Sports discipline that has been mastered by Mayweather.

But Khabib considered, to be fairer, the fight must be held twice. That is done with boxing rules and MMA rules (free fighting).

"If we can finally make this deal with Floyd Mayweather, the fans will definitely be happy," Khabib was quoted as saying by The Sun, Friday 2 November 2018.

"The first duel in the ring and the second in the octagon. Then this will be a real duel. I also want to test the ability in boxing. And this will be a fair agreement," he continued.

If done, this duel can be considered one of the most historic duels. Because it brings together two invincible fighters in two different sports disciplines.

Mayweather currently has a record of 50 wins without losing in the boxing world. While Khabib bagged a record 27 wins without losing in the MMA world.