Michael Chandler is utilizing a subtle approach in his bid to face the Notorious One in an MMA bout next year. Instead of doing the usual, which is to call your opponent out with trash-talking, Michael Chandler has opted to toe the mild-talking and cool approach to his goal.

Michael Chandler calls out Conor Mac Gregor

In a recent interview, Michael Chandler has subtly called out Conor Mac Gregor by heaping praise on the Irish man. Pointing out that looking at the current shape Conor is now in, he could do a lot of damage to any opponent.

Details of Chandler's statement

In his statement, Chandler first toed the line of praising Conor Mac Gregor's recovery attitude. Pointing out that Mc Gregor's left hand could do a huge damage to any opponent in the world right now. However, he was also quick to point out that his right-hand could done whole lot of damage as well. Then, in his final statements Chandler insisted that himself and Mc Gregor facing each other could be a good one for both parties., Chandler eventually pointed out some of Conor's weaknesses. Highlighting that the Irish man was terrible at wrestling and grappling.

Final Thoughts

With the details brought before the table, Mc Gregor trying his stuff against Chandler on his return does not seem like a bad idea. These are two great fighters, the fans would surely be in for a major treat.