The man who did less of the talking Oleksander Usyk and in the eighth round knockout Anthony Bellew the by calling it the end of his carrier, what a way to draw his Curtin, why Anthony Bellew was talking about taking his soul, talking his pride, talking his title, he brought four (4) title to the line, he brought an Olympic gold medal to the house, he also came with a world championship to the light and of course he went out with all of it, he also draw a curtain over his carrier in the Cruiserweight as his next top will be the Heavyweight, Oleksander Usyk is the man I call the Undisputed Champion of the Cruiserweight, Absolutely keeping his IBF, WBO, WBA,WBC is a very good one for him but there is something very striking here Anthony Bellew lead all the way on the judges card which was a very good one for him and then in the eight (8) round he lost that one and there he call it quit. When looking at all this, I most give it to Oleksander Usyk he keep his momentum and then take out Bellew. Also when you look at that fight in the first three(3) round unanimously all three judges gave it to Anthony Bellew but from the fourth round it was obvious that he did not have what it takes to go the extra mile, well his has done his bit and he already said that if he continue fighting that his wife is going to devour him so of course it the end of Anthony Bellew’s carrier when it comes to boxing, yea he will go home in good health and with a lot of millions in his pocket which is something he can take away for himself definitely. Congratulation for Olaksander Usyk, we will see what goes next for him, with Anthony Joshua, Deontay Wilder now we can look forward to the big one comes December 1st which it going to take place and that is between Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury.



Now the super Falcons have got a lot more to contain with as Equatorial Guinea are still in the mix despite Kenya court of Arbitration, I hope something good comes out from there today. But apart from that they when to Ghana on Wednesday and the focus will be on the team, the lost to asekymusa young boys with 4 goals to 1 but the Coach said that there nothing to worry about that the team are getting prepare but Thomas Danabis score card is not looking so good ahead of the African women championship but I still think that there is enough to make the women win the title because looking at what Thomas said, I believe that he knows what it takes because for the Nigerian woman national team, they players are highly motivated and I feel the will win even the coach does not know what it takes, the Nigerian woman national team have the trade mark of winning the championship but Equatorial Guinea will certainly be a big force and Bafana Bayana of South Africa but if the Nigerian team get to survive in the group stage, the will certainly have a long way to go, getting past the group stage, I can be sure of them winning the championship. I hope has the go on Wednesday, they will be on their uniform not different color.


For one of the Nigerian most Successful International Midfielder Ameh-Otache Ajuma a peaceful rest. Before her death, she has been battling with a rare muscular disease, she passed on at the age of 33, may God grant the family a fortitude to bear this great lost and for the entire football family, I hope that woman can go out there and win for her. All I can put in is wishing the Lady’s best of Luck.