Vasily Lomachenko found himself at the center of a new "national" scandal. In particular, they began to accuse him of not being a patriot. Rather, they say his act after the fight with Richard Commey turned out to be very wrong. I am trying to culturally convey what the entire Ukrainian network is now shouting.

Lomachenko becomes WBO Intercontinental Champion. In a 12-round duel, he confidently defeated the representative of Ghana. All the judges, unanimously, gave the victory to the Ukrainian.

So why did some of the Ukrainians take up arms against Vasily?

After the fight, the boxer decided to throw on himself not the flag of Ukraine, but the banner of his hometown. Yes, he flew under the flag of Belgorod-Dnestrovsk. It is there that the Akkerman fortress rises.

Some Ukrainians considered the boxer's act unpatriotic. Say, it was necessary to take the flag of Ukraine. It is important that the nationalists began to insult not only Vasily himself, but also the city.

Some comments (censored version)

- What kind of rag is this? Is this the new flag of Ukraine?

- Is it a towel or a flag?

The opinion of adequate citizens of Ukraine

Each person is free to do as he sees fit. The network believes that Vasily did the right thing. He flew under the flag of his hometown. The very place where he was born, grew up and thus became a world famous boxer.

This is not the first time Vasily Lomachenko has glorified his city. For example, before the battle against Nakatani, he installed the banner of his native Belgorod-Dnestrovsky in front of his home in Los Angeles.

Yes, not everyone understood that this was the flag of Belgorod-Dnestrovsky. Some got confused and thought that Vasily had installed the flag of Spain. Pay attention to the colors. It bears some resemblance to the flag of Spain.

In general, Vasily is a real patriot of his native Belgorod-Dnestrovsky. He wants to know about Ackerman all over the world. He glorifies his native land, his Motherland! The opinion of individual citizens of the country does not bother him because of the word "absolutely". It is right! Now Lomachenko can start preparing for the championship fight. He can compete for the title of World Champion.