So, you had a better fun last Thursday? What was it? United Arab Emirates floods? Watching Pelosi’s airplane crashlanding at Taiwan? Some shady organizations even organized fake Olympics to distract you from Betman’s Spassky vs. Fischer 1972 Hive Memorial Tournament!

Yes, there is some organization called FIDE, but it has motto Gens Una NON Sumus, and is organizing fake Chess Olympics without the best selection of the World. They are obviously ready to do anything to prevent people from participation at the prestigious Betman’s Spassky vs. Fischer 1972 Hive Memorial Tournament. And in the third round, Hive’s chessmaster pamboy27 dominated and secured a win even before the last game:

More news from the third round you can find at Betman’s Hive page:

If you want to see all the exciting games from this World class event, please use these LiChess links:

Round Three:

Round Two:

Round One:

Now let’s see Hive standings after the Third Round:

On Thursday, we will have the Big Winner. Or the war in Pacific. Somehow, Betman thinks Chess would be much more interesting this time, but people are weird. They always watch wrong things. How can bloody war be more exciting than this?

Go figure. Betman rests his case