Hello Scorum Friends...How are you? I realized that I haven't written about chess for a long time. I was playing chess on lichess in this time. Yesterday, I joined 'yearly rapid arena - 8 hours tournament' on lichess and I played 3 matches... My most shocking game was against a CM (candidate master). CM means a chess player has ELO points which is more than 2000. So it means that I had a tough opponent.

My opponent and I have both 10 minutes. But the tournament allowed the players can use half of time for getting x2 points...So my opponent did this and he had 5 minutes and I had 10 minutes.

Let's check the match:

This game was a hopeless match for me because my opponent is a CM. For example you can see the move Qa3+ at 5th move. If he plays this move I will lose at beginning. But he didn't see it.

1 d4 d5

2 c4 dxc4

3 e4 e5

4 d5 Nf6

5 Nc3 Bb4

6 Bg5 Qd6

7 Bxf6 Qxf6

8 Bxc4 Bd7

9 Ne2 Qg6

10 O-O Bxc3

11 Nxc3 Bh3

12 Qf3 Bg4

13 Qg3 h5

14 Qxe5+ Kd7

15 Bb5+ c6

16 dxc6+ bxc6

17 Ba4 Re8

18 Qd4+ Kc7

19 Nb5+ cxb5

20 Rac1+ Nc6

21 Bxb5 Bd7

22 Rfd1 Red8

23 Qc3 Qxe4

24 Qa5+ Kb8

25 Rd2 Nxa5+

26 Bxd7 Kb7

27 b4 Nc4

28 Rdc2 white resigned...

As I said, I didn't expect that. Maybe my opponent was not the real owner of account. Maybe there is another guy on PC. I don't know what was happened. But I had the game... You can check whole game in this link....