This is a very short game, but one that leaves a great deal of learning, as we must analyse very well each plan we wish to undertake and ensure that we will gain a material or positional advantage.

It is also very important, before carrying out an attack first we must carry out an appropriate opening, to adequately protect our king.

White : Jacob Altusky

Black : Robert James Fischer

Ruy López - Morphy Defense

1.e4, e5
2.♘f3, ♘c6
3.♝b5, a6
4.♝a4, d6
5.d4, b5

6.♝b3, ♝g4
7.♝xf7+, ♚xf7

8.♘g5+, ♛xg5

White leaves


Apparently White miscalculated the exchange of pieces; since Black wins materially and obtains a better position. Therefore, in the face of this advantage, White chooses to abandon the game in the face of an obvious defeat.

I'd love to know what's the reason they're abandoning white girls?

What do you think?

Is checkmate inevitable or is there a way out?

What was White's mistake?