I threw old non working Asus Notepad in trash and discovered I have pencil for it and that it works with my present mobile device over which I play Rapid Lichess 10m. chess games. I decided to try playing few games with it. It's nice feeling better than touching touch screen with fingers. I miserably lost first game after early check mate as punishment for bad opening and not paying attention to trap in early stage of the game. I got angry and user jn---1973 payed for this. I attacked this 1963 rated player and got him by surprise. I think it was very effective.

Opening was not like they teach in the books, he opened his Queen side wide. After developing rest of peaces it looked like on this picture.

He prepared himself to push e pawn down and I decided to take some risk and to do Bh7 move thinking about check with Queen following by Knight check with possible check mate threat.

He didn't remove Bishop with King and I decided to move Knight on h5. If he attacks it with f pawn he'll get Queen-Rook attack on e6 and I'll get some material.

Soon after I wanted to move Queen on h line to open check, but he surprised me with his Knight and I was forced to retreat with Queen. Is my attack over at this stage ?

I need to act quickly because h2 field is under heavy fire with possible check mate for me and I push h pawn forward. He decided to initiate Rook - Bishop + Knight exchange.

What he probably didn't count on was this check with Pawn. It was nice tempo move.

I decided to move King despite possible f8 move, because I saw Rook h1 check and Check is eldest. I thought it's check mate, but he push Bishop on h2 and covered it!

I took it of course knowing his Rook on f8 is mine. I might not check mated him, but gain some material after all.

Soon after he was into removing my pawns, but Rook check was to much and he surrendered after this.

It was happy New Year check mate for Lichess user jn---1973 by Tawamba! It's nice to win against player with rating 1963 on Lichess. I have still 1800.

If you want to track this entire game you can do it here.

Thanks for reading.