Isalupov surendered game to Tawamba

I fell with Lichess rapid 10 minute game rating under 1800 not because I was really bad, but because I faced some better ranked players. Today I won Isalupov player with rating similar to mine after very nice Pawn attack. He under estimated threat and paid this by losing this game. It was King's pawn opening normal variation. I didn't play to good this game, but at the end I went out as winner.

1 e4 e5

2 Nf3 Nc6

3 d3 d6

4 Be2 Be7

5 O-O Nf6

6 c4 Nd4

7 Nc3 Nxf3+

8 Bxf3 Be6

9 b3 O-O

10 h3 h6

11 Ne2 Qd7

12 Ng3 c5

13 a4 a5

14 Bd2

After opening you can see castles are on same sides, his Knight is in non natural position. At this point I made blunder in wish to remove Rook from line of his Light Bishop. I moved Rook to b8 leaving a5 Pawn free to remove. This was Pawn give away, and kind of mistake like Lloris Johan Cruyff's dribbling against Southampton. I didn't see obvious thing. However that was turning point for me when I decided to try to play more active because I am one Pawn down. I need to take some more risk if I want to win this game. I forced his Dark Bishop retreat with b Pawn, moved King to h7 after preparing g Pawn forward and Rook to g line of his King. He moved Knight to e2 after and I proceed with Pawn g4 move. He continued maneuvering with his Knight completely under estimating b Pawn which I moved forward attacking his Light Bishop.


15 Bxa5 b6

16 Bd2 Kh7

17 Ne2 g5

18 Nc3 g4

19 hxg4 Bxg4

20 Bxg4 Nxg4

He put his Knight on d5, my Rook went to g8, he forced Knight retreat with f Pawn after which we exchanged Knights. He then tried escape with King f7, but my dark Bishop checked him and forced moving back to g8. My Pawn on f moved 2 squares forward as I wish to free diagonal and row 7 for Queen. He tried to initiate Bishop exchange, but I moved Queen to g7 threatening him direct check mate!

21 Nd5 Rg8

22 f3 Nf6

23 Nxf6+ Bxf6

24 Kf2 Bh4+

25Kg1 f5

26 Be1 Qg7

He protected g2 Pawn with Queen e7, I exhcange Bishops and move f Pawn one square forward. After Queen f2 I moved my Queen to g5 preventing his Qh4 move. He moved Rook to row 2 doubling protection of his g2 Pawn.

27 Qe2 Bxe1

28 Raxe1 f4

29 Qf2 Qg5

30 Re2 Rb7

31 g4 fxg3

For some reason he moved Pawn from g2 to g4 and practically sacrificed it because I removed it with mine from f. Now I have f and g Pawns where f already passed his g and h able to join this party, but for that I need Rook to h7. He moved Rook to a2 trying to do something with his a Pawn on other flank, but I think it was to late for that. I made Queen e3 check, he moved King to h8. I removed his a Pawn and moved Rook on h line to be able to move Pawn forward. He threatened to Pawn with his Rook, but it was to late.

32 Qg2 h5

33 Ra2 Qe3+

34 Kh1 Kh8

35 a5 bxa5

36 Rxa5 Rh7

37 Ra6 h4

38 Qh3 g2+

After Queen h3 and Pawn g7 check he surrendered because position was all lost.

I think he under estimated Pawn threat, his Knight maneuver took to long and hist g Pawn move forward was blunder which made me win him easier.

You can track entire game on this link.