Today I somehow won KAMILL_001 (1732) in a rated 10 minutes game of chess. These days I play against players with similar rating to mine. Thisone came after 2 defeats due bad openings. In thi game we played so called four knights game Italian variation. Game was exciting because I was at the edge to get checkmated and almost defeated but managed to make great counter tempo attack which did not give him time to defend properly.

After 6 moves situation was like on bellow picture.

Soon after I went in attack with my knights.

I decided to risk a bit and to check him at this point.

Situation gets more complicated as he moved his bishop and knight in attack threatening to get some heavy material from me.

He offered me his bishop in exchange for double attack on queen and king, but I was not so crazy to accept that gift. Then I forgot my king is on line of his rock and he removed my knight to equal material. In this dilema I choosed to remove his knight because I didn't want his Queen+Knight combination in front of my naked king. Also I planned to open line for rock toward his King.

It became inevitable that he is going to remove my queen with his rock. At least I avoided checkmate.King will escape!

To be honest I thought I was done at this point, but he could not check mate me. I removed his knight opened line for rock toward his king but he had his queen and rock on h line thretening to check mate or to take queen for rock.

Now retreating with that bishop would be good move for me. He wanted to promote his pawn and release I need to be quick to prevent it if possible.

Rock exchange and check for black for initiating counter attack. I think he should move king to e8 not to e7. Move king on e7 gave me rock check tempo move. That was crucial mistake from him in my opinion.

Rock and bishops become to serious. Check to hold his king in control and to cover pawn line.

Check and force moving left of his king unless he wants to give me his queen.

Now I have even more dangerous pawn who is going to promote and check mate him.

Nice scissors for black queen!

At this point he got to upset and decided not to surender, but to wait time to pass and to lose at that way. Poor soul could not handle defeat. I played not so good this game, but at the end he made mistake which cost him a game.

You can track and analyze entire game here

Do you agree that king move was crucial mistake in this game ? I would like to hear your opinion.