Some time ago two friends come into my house - Mike and Nik, and they bring this nice game with them:

Start positions. First try!

It looked weird and unfinished, but, that was no the case! The case was that we sat and started to play chess for three. First time in real life (not counting few games in android app).

Game process

The rules in chess for three are 90% same as classic chess, but with several additions about trajectories. Most of differences are related to the figures actions in the center of the chessboard. Also, it's important, that the player, who did finally setted up chessmate to other, got the other's figurers and, therefore, becomes a powerful and increases his chances to win.

Its getting harder

That's why this game is mostly unpredictable and very interesting. Players can make their alliances, promising not to kill someone in exchange of help or a non-killing, too, or a (temporary) pact of peace. But often helping second player to give a checkmate to the other can hurt you, because you'll have to deal in the future with probably more powerful player. But you could remake his checkmate or even protect your another enemy, because you still have turn... So, this chess for three are much more unusual and interesting, than the classic one.

Played twice, I still thought that we have to find a colorful marker set to make the board even better. Including the moment that some of my turns was completely wrong because I wrongly saw color. But at that moment we hadn't markers to finish the board (I had only black marker)...

But, Metro Cash & Carry solved the problem fast and cheap :D
Someone did filled the board fast, the others was taking their time enjoying the process =)

# Result

New board - looks great!

In my opinion, the results were great. A lot better, then before. Now these chess are like an art object!

Starting with new board

After we finished new board and played few times with "classic" triple rules, we toughts, that it would be interesting to create a new ruleset. One of the ideas was playing just with two players, but on the chessboard for three. You could leave the classic 2-player chessboard placement, but in this case sides wasn't used a lot. Or we could change the classic placement to 4 parts, using each of chessboard corners. But there are even other option - you could have double sets of figures, and, removing the additional kings and queens, you got the extremely megacrazy chess option:

Own (created) game style

In this placement the pawns are having own rules: for example, the small pawns goes via diagonal, but hits directly (by "diagonal to diagonals").

# Other options

There are also other interesting options! What humanity creates in the long history of chess game. I would like to tell you that the following games exists:

  • 4 player chess
  • 4 player chess with castles
  • 6 player chess
Different chess options exist!

# Also I played Game of Thrones a little

I've never watched this movie series and never wanted to, but my other friend called me to play this table game (and I decided - why not?).

Game of thrones

# Feedback

Some long time ago I wanted to create an online chess game where you could play with 3, 4, 5, 6, 10 players, and create rooms with different ruleset (even with special tiles with special actions!). I even found the PHP Chess opensource engine but this project never realized (yet?). What do you think about these chess options? Do you like to play chess? Write in comments your thoughts and wishies!

Chess newbie

Den Ivanov aka @SXIII from Random City