Chess is a turn-based game, where a series of positions of the pieces give rise to great battles !.

It is a game where many things are put into practice, from making decisions, assessing a situation, good memory to perform long calculations in case of a good level, the constancy to learn by trial and error.

If you want to know how is a person's personality, teach him to play chess, there is shown what kind of person he is, if he is aggressive in the very competitive game, or only defends himself and waits for the backlash, or if he understands the chess of a form that you have not explained, simple games changes and reach a comfortable final with a slight advantage, or is a person whose temperament is cold and calculating, or likes to make the game complicated to the opponent.

Chess is an art, it is a science, and it is a very high-level sport, but it can also be a hobby that gives you an intelligent person status, you can make good friends thanks to chess if you participate in a club, or want to show yourself of what you are capable of in a tournament.

Through the practice of this sport we cultivate our patience, and sense of organization, planning in the short, medium and long term, we try to make the efficient use of our resources.

Making use of the brain, makes us stronger the cells age less quickly, is a way to prevent Alzheimer's, and is an incredible pastime.

The game of chess, has a theory about the opening of the game, half game, and final, apart from this strategy and tactics, and checkmate problems in several movements to obtain good results, these problems will help us obtain a level of analysis deeper as we go to train, in my next publications I will explain a little of each of these phases.

Capablanca - Frank Marshall (Usa-New York 1909) 1-0