I have already told you that I love playing chess. To be precise and frank, I have a 2nd sports category. So, he can’t play offline. There are simply no rivals. Quite a few people play chess. Accordingly, you have to play online. I am registered on several sites. But lately I’ve been playing on one: chess.com.

My achievements in 2024

I am a member of the League of Legends. That is, the highest division. I already took first place in the weekly rankings. True, this did not bring me any benefit. Previously, various cash prizes were provided. At the moment these are not provided. Despite the lack of interest, I still continue to play chess on this site. Although, if anyone knows resources where you can make money playing chess, please post the links in the comments.

So, as I already said, I continue to play on this site. Lately I often play tournaments where the number of rounds is limited. True, unfortunately, in such competitions there is not only a limited number of rounds, but also players. In this regard, it is not always possible to have time to become one of the chess players who take part in such a tournament.

Still, sometimes you manage to get to such tournaments. In 2024, I took 2nd place in such tournaments twice. So, the screenshot shows which ones exactly.

At the end of one tournament, I took second place. This is despite the fact that up to 20 players took part in it. Moreover, the chess player who took first place earned only 0.5 points.

Another tournament featured 85 players. I took 12th place. Although, until the last game I was in the top 10. Unfortunately, in the last confrontation I made several stupid mistakes and lost the game.

So, yes, now I continue to play chess only on the website chess.com. I have not yet found a resource where you can take part in chess tournaments with cash prizes. Moreover, preferably without monetary entry. In any case, here you can play a game or two of chess, get distracted and relax. These are my modest achievements in 2024. By the way, this week I'm still in 21st place.