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IPL, Indian Premier League is a professional T-20 Indian cricket League played between eight teams representing the eight cities of India. The IPL was started by the Indian cricket official Board of Cricket i.e Board of Control for Cricket in India in 2008. IPL became festival for Indian people, people celebrate IPL and support their teams with the enthusiasm. But IPL has it's own dark secrets, no-one know before few of the cheerleaders anonymously leaked them. In this post we're going to take a look at that 5 Dark Secrets Of IPL Cheerleaders.

Payment Issues

Looking at the faces of beautiful cheerleaders and their cheering performances on the ground everyone thinks that they're living a happy life and another beliefs that they earn big money for their performances. But as earlier mentioned these are just beliefs. Or I can say it's completely opposite situation.

Few years ago, cheerleaders from Rajasthan Royals franchise told that they don't get there pay cheques on times. It's not only about the money, they also reported that the quality of living they get is also very low, food issues and many more issues like that.

After Parties

Since IPL get so much of exposure, the players are always under pressures, specially some high level cricketer who have millions of fan following. To deal with this situation, authorities planned after parties for the players to relax and to rest, so then can perform for long in league.

Even though after parties has it's own pros, lots of cricket players started to drink and take other alcoholic beverages. Some of the players walked on Ramo with cheerleaders. A cheerleaders named 'Gabriella Pasqualotto' confirmed that some Australian and South African players behaved improperly.


It was one of the most least talked and even most ignored thing by the IPL officials. Cheerleaders reports often about the exploitation to the officials but authorities never took it seriously and never took any actions on it.

According to the cheerleaders, most of the Indian audience treat them as sex dolls. They shout out words that contain high level of obscenity. One of the cheerleaders added that here the fans undervalue their art form and cheerleaders have to wear uncomfortable outfits which are not designed properly.

In one of the cases, the police have searched their rooms which confirms the cheerleaders point. Even the organizers don't treat cheerleaders respectfully.

These are the dark secrets of IPL Cheerleaders, but the list doesn't end here and not even IPL is the only league where these issues. These are the issues of all the cheerleaders all over the globe in hundreds of leagues.