According to the schedule, Bangladesh vs Afghanistan from February 23 and T20 series is scheduled to start in front of ICC. Arriving and arriving in Bangladesh long before the start of the series, the Afghans were camping in Sylhet at the expense of the Afghans to adapt to the conditions of Bangladesh as the birthday was on time. The statement did not share the news of the Afghans, but it is certain that the support staff of the main security team of the Afghan team, multiple cricketers are positive, so this time the question is whether the Bangladesh-Afghanistan series is going on in time.

With the series officially on the field and the remaining six days are short, Afghan cricketers should not be angry at this time. If it is negative, there will be no shortage of families. Tell us right now we don't have such thoughts in our head. We are not thinking so much at the moment. Do not follow the rules. Cricketers will be able to come on the field from the day after being negative. We will not be able to save Bangladesh and Afghanistan ODI and T20 series if we want because this series is about to end. The tour of South Africa will end on March 5 with all the last T20 matches. Bangladesh's goal for South Africa on March 12 is to play three ODIs and four long Test matches

Bangladesh's tour of South Africa is very important. The series against Afghans may be delayed. The tour of South Africa may be delayed because the Bangladesh team will have to stay in quarantine for one week. Tour