In cricket, Pak-India Maharana means a different tension in the fight on the field, every moment is more stressful than the game at the moment of starting work, these two teams seem to have found fans-supporters in the Indian team in this match of excitement on the stage of the Asia Cup in Dubai. Dhoni, who did not give up even a single point to the pressure, even though the one-day defeat was to Pakistan, Pakistan did not stop winning. Bhuvneshwar Kumar visited for the third time and did not take time. In the last over, Pakistan was pressured by Java Mobile. After that, a 45-run partnership with Iftikhar Ahmed, but Hardik Pandya was the last to lose. Finish the rest Bhuvneshwar Kumar India need 148 but at the start of the 2021 T20 World Cup P

In the second ball of the first over, the bold Lokesh Rahul took the wicket of Afridi last year in the first over. Rohit Sharma lost his wicket in the beginning and was under pressure. Couldn't catch Nawaz for a long time because of that, he and caught out took the lead for India. Ravindra Jadeja took time to lead the team in an innings of 35 runs. India needs 21 runs in the last two overs. Indians proved once again that no matter how much pressure they put their hands on my shoulders, the responsibility of saving the match was on me. Hardik took out 903 boundaries. In Hardik's 730-run win over India, supporters of the match have found MS Dhoni to be the master matchmaker to handle the pressure.

We kept Hardik's name in Babar's list of regrets today. We wanted to take the game to the end. We thought Nawab could have stopped it if 16 runs were needed in the last over. Nafisa, who has played the first international T20 match of her career, has shouldered this responsibility of Afridi. The courage of the 19-year-old youngster is praised every time. Or continue to fight for the country by putting up Akram, this Naseem scream after every delivery and Babar Azam scene is not just for winning a match, this fight is for the whole of Pakistan.