Pakistan started the T20 World Cup with a great start. Babar Azam left Virat Kohli's wicket for 10 wickets. But before the semi-final, the bad news came. Pakistan's wicketkeeper-batsman and veteran Shoaib Malik was attacked but in the end, playing for the country, the two stars showed a unique example of patriotism.


Despite initially speaking of mild feverand chills, Pakistan's wicket-keeper Butter was in the ICO for two days with severe chest pain after the semi-final match. Rizwan was suffering from severe chest pain on November 9 and we had to stay in the ICO for two days to recover as he was rushed to hospital. Surprisingly, Rizwan recovered with extraordinary speed and was fit before the match. I would say it is an example of dedication and sacrifice for his country and everyone has seen how he played on the field. In response to the question, the doctor did not say that the decision was made by the entire team management

It was a kind of psychological test for the team so we didn't let the whole thing go out of the team

Babar Rizwan Afridi's awakening to return home as the undefeated champion but his dream came to an end in a breathtaking match against Ajid yesterday and Pakistan played brilliantly from the start of the match. After losing the talk and batting, they threw a challenging target of 177 runs and finally fell against them. But if luck does not help, what will happen? But in spite of all this, Pakistan captain Babar Azam's motivational speech has gone viral. He is heard to say that this defeat is instructive for us. We will not blame anyone for this. And in the days ahead, Meduari tail can be made on the wicketkeeper's head Scope

Shahin Shah Afridi sits next to the wicket and reminds Saeed Ajmal of St. Lucia in the 2010 World Cup that he is overwhelmed with frustration. Imran wrote in a tweet consoling the players: Babar Azam I understand what is going on in your mind now. As a player I have to face such a situation. Don't be upset. You played great in this village. Who won the Pakistan Super League before the final? A video of Momin Shakib, the famous Pakistani youngster after the match, went viral on social media after the defeat of Pakistan against Australia. The video shows that there are no 20 people on the field at the end of the game 19

Manisha is lying unconscious, looking at the fish with a broken heart and despairing eyes. At that moment, her friend came and picked her up in her lap and took her away from there. Shakib wanted to do the video 13 hours after posting more than 67 thousand blood has been collected it has been viewed 8 lakh 73 thousand times more than six thousand comments have been submitted to the vide