If you saw the video of Sky Sports last year, you might have thought that Dinesh Karthik said an unannounced goodbye to cricket. From 2004 to 2009, his 15-year cricket career ended. Karthik's commentator now has another new identity. A year later, Karthik became a different commentator. India's terrible finishes in the T20 match against West Indies Karthik broke another record of India's Nisha MS Dhoni. But Dinesh Karthik's story is about will power and hard work he is getting success Career joke Indian team is now busy Oostende to play 5 T20 matches Team India whitewashed by India in ODI series against West Indies West Indies did not win the first T20 match on July 29 Ajmeri Dinesh Karti of the Naples Army Kerr

Skipper Rohit Sharma was bowled out for 264 runs, but it was the opposite way, but Dinesh Karthik came into the field for the seventh wicket, 10 runs from the first 10 balls 14212 Jason Holder in the 19th over, Karthik's rampage ended with 1614 and gave him no more concessions from Karthik Bhashan. T Boundary Another Over Boundary 144 runs from 19 balls Unbeaten seventh wicket Devastated batting followed by Dinesh Karthik breaking another Indian Nishaar Mahendra Singh Dhoni's record for wickets Dhoni scored 38 against England in 2012 and this time Dinesh Karthik topped Ravindra Jadeja's highest of 41 Did not go Karthik's third year in England ODI series before West Indies tour, couldn't run rampant with the bat, made a five-match run of 34 India KG against West Indies was man of the match Karthik said he's really like Sara, I'm enjoying it a lot, it's been a very interesting role. Not something you can be very consistent with but at the end of the day you can influence the team your captain And

Men need support and I'm getting a lot of it. Wicket evaluation is very important in this case. In the last three or four overs of any given day, you have to be aware of a lot of things like fruit shape, soft wickets, and then you have to decide between these practices. Dinesh Karthik is slowly making his way into the Indian team in the upcoming T20 World Cup. The 37-year-old wants to end his cricket career like a fairy tale.